Jasmine Rae Bakery

Jasmine is a true artist in every meaning of the word.  She is a sculptor inspired by time and wear, creating masterpieces that play with themes of light and dark, weight and movement, with a huge focus on texture.  Jasmine HAND makes every part of what you see.  We went with a Dutch-painterly theme (minus the pheasants and fruit flies). I made it my first priority to find light that would support her artistry.  The styling was a collaboration between Jasmine and Elsa Murray (of Serafina Stationery & Design). 

Serafina Stationery & Design

Serafina Stationery & Design is a Bay Area bespoke letterpress company founded by a good friend of mine, Elsa Murray.  She works side by side Jasmine Rae (of Jasmine Rae Cakes) in San Francisco.  Their design fits together perfectly, so it made sense to all of us that I photograph their work separately.  I'll post the photos from the Jasmine Rae Bakery session next, so you can see for yourself!