I live in beautiful Mill Valley, Ca with my husband, daughter, and sweet Labrador.  It's a long (fun) story about how I got here, but I'll just list the highlights:   I grew up in Orlando.  I left Florida when I was 21 to study photography and fashion design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).  After I received my BFA,  I moved out to Los Angeles for a photography internship with the wonderfully talented Hayley Murphy. It was after my internship that I first visited San Francisco.  Not 24 hours in the city,  I met & completely fell in love on the first day of my trip with my (now) husband. That was nine years ago!  How quickly time flies when you're having fun. 

My photography style has evolved quite a bit since my days at SAIC.  I used to only shoot old school style on film, heavily protesting digital photography. I begrudgingly dragged my feet through every digital photography class. It wasn't until I became proficient in the medium - that I discovered I could emulate film for way less risk, time, and money.  It was a "voilà" moment in which I began to embrace digital.  I am grateful that the majority of my time learning and developing my photography skills was spent learning with film.  It was precisely due to the "risk, time, and money" - that ingrained in me the patience and care which I continue to use now with the digital medium.  I have also strayed away from very conceptual photography (which was the more popular choice at SAIC) and gravitated toward a technical artistic skill.  I currently strive to remain somewhere between the two.  

What has not changed in my photography style is my love for capturing truly candid moments.  I apply a photojournalistic style regardless of subject matter. One of my favorite things about creating a collection of photographs for clients is creating a sequence of abstract and literal images with candid shots sprinkled throughout. The end result is a keepsake album that truly captures the energy of their event!


Blair is a dream photographer. She possesses the three things I most want in a photographer: professionalism, an easy-going relaxed energy on-set, and the ability to produce breathtaking photographs. I’ve worked with Blair on numerous shoots including for live events, still product and food shoots, and family portraits. I have never been anything but thrilled by her work.
— Rachel Cole, Life Coach & Teacher
Working with Blair is such a delight—not only does she take such beautiful images of food, spaces, and people, but I so appreciate how she connects with anyone she is working with. It comes through in her photos. I loved all the work she did for tablehopper.com and my other venture, Deep Dishing. She is kind, dependable, fast, and wicked talented.
— Marcia Gagliardi, Tablehopper
Blair went above and way, way, way beyond in every project she did for Thrillist.com — she didn’t just take beautiful photos, she got the full story behind the photos she was taking and really was able to capture what needed capturing with little to no direction. She was reliable, she hit deadlines, and her photos are still some of the best we’ve ever published on the site. And as a bonus, she was totally awesome to work with on a personal level.
— Grant Marek Senior Editor, West Coast, Thrillist Media Group